Friday, October 06, 2006

Balck my review

i just play a game called black it is on the xbox. this games is really interesting but there are lots of problems to it but first ill talk about the good points.

This game is war based you are a soilder that has to fight though levels that are fillled with enemys to complete objectives. th good things to this game are the graphics are amazing and the guns you are given or pick up have great detail to them and the missions are challenging to complete due to gun fire all around can also blow upi many diffirent objects such and cars trucks drums land mines and traps that are in levels.

the bad things about this game are that you can jump or walk up small ledges that in really life you could walk over plus the game play is very repeatitive it dosent can really. if you like differnt looking levels but same game play thats fine but eventually its boring. this is the kind of game that you play once and forget about it till later down the road.

scott galer


Blogger Heather said...

Really interesting analysis. You mention the first paragraph is about the good things and then open with comments about soldiers and shooting. I certainly see that this would create excitement for many people. Sadly this situation is just a little too close to home for me. I am frustrated that there isn't another approach to gaming for those of us who can't do the war events. Is there still a market in your opinion for game development for users like me?


3:26 AM  
Anonymous Alana Dobbs said...

I love these type of games ever so much. It is nice to see a review of the newer games that are shooters. They can be so much fun!

I can see your point on repetitive play though because a lot of games are the same even after level after level, which is a bummer but sometimes it just makes your skills better so when you play versus your friends, you can kick their butts!

I just might have to try this game out! Thanks for the tip Scott!

10:37 PM  

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